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2016 Event

After our hugely successful inaugural event back in 2015, we are delighted to announce that the Spirit Sandyford 5k will be back again for the 4th year on the roads of the Sandyford Business District for a 2018 edition!.

Hosted by the local Dundrum South Dublin Athletics Club in association with the Sandyford Business District, it is sure to be a fun-filled evening and an event you and your colleagues definitely won’t want to miss!

  • Why not enter a team of 4 from your workplace to take part and challenge yourselves over the 5k distance?

  • All team runners will start together like a regular race and each run 5k through the roads of the renowned Sandyford Business District, and your team score will be determined by the total time of your team’s 4 runners.

It’s a great opportunity to build camaraderie with your work colleagues and also to challenge yourself over the 5k distance, whether you like to run, jog or walk. What’s not to love?

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