The Down Syndrome Centre Logo The Down Syndrome Centre was founded by Peter and Mary Gaw in 2014, as a result of their frustration at not being able to access relevant services for their two youngest children, both of whom are Down syndrome. 

The Down Syndrome Centre is dedicated to providing clinical services and support to children with Down syndrome from 3 months to 18 years, helping them to reach their full potential and creating a brighter and more inclusive future.   We have a purpose-built centre situated on the Furze Road in Sandyford and a new centre which recently opened in Swords.  Currently we are providing clinical therapy to over 300 children who are not receiving any services through the state.

Children with Down Syndrome typically face delays in certain areas of development, so early intervention is vital. It can begin any time after birth, but the sooner it starts, the better. Including children with Down syndrome in early childhood care and education, promotes the right of all children to live in an inclusive society. Children make sense of the world and their place within it, a child with a disability can only do this to the extent they are allowed to participate. Therefore, early intervention is imperative, our Centre provides this with our specialised programmes and resources with highly skilled Therapists

Our Vison and Aim is that all children and young adults living in Ireland with Down syndrome have the adequate support and services available on demand to enable them to reach their goals and live an Independent and fulfilling life’s.

Our ethos is one of positivity where we concentrate, on the abilities of a child and not their disabilities.

We acknowledge that each child is unique and diverse in their own way, that their disability does not define who they are and society includes them as they would any of their peers.



We receive no government funding.  All our funding comes through our fundraising and the generosity and kindness from our donors. Therefore, our fundraising is crucial to continue to provide the best care and services to children and their families with Down syndrome.

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