The Down Syndrome Centre Logo The Down Syndrome Centres  are the first and only service-led facilities for Children with Down syndrome in Ireland. Our main function is to provide vital services to children with Down syndrome from birth to 18 years. We also have a huge focus on families. The centres are a place for parents to meet, get information and advice, make friends and build support networks and communities. Our Dublin centres are currently providing services to over 360 children from Dublin and surrounding counties. In 2023 we provided over 12,000 clinical therapy sessions to children from Dublin through our centres in North and South Dublin.

Children with Down syndrome, for the most part, have mild to moderative cognitive issues and without therapy or intervention they will have communication issues when they are young adults because there are currently no adequate services provided to them by the state. The cost of private therapy can run into €1000’s each year and the majority of families can not afford this. Early intervention means starting as early as possible to allow for optimal development.

We need to ensure that children with Down syndrome are allowed to reach their full developmental potential which will lead to a more meaningful and inclusive life.

The Down Syndrome Centre children’s charity exists to ensure that clinical therapy is available to children who need it.

Our service is funded through charitable giving, donations and the business community. State-supported grants are not a regular source of funding. In order to continue to provide services to children and families we need to raise €1,200,000 per annum.

Every donation counts, no matter the size and your support will help us to improve the lives of vulnerable children in our community.




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