Check your Balance!

Jenny Branigan from Total Physio, opposite Sandyford Luas stop


When we run, one foot has to land and accommodate on the surface, take the body’s weight and stabilise the leg and pelvis above as it transfers the body weight to the other foot to push forward.
If your balance is poor, your foot may wobble as it lands and stress the supporting soft tissue structures as it attempts to maintain stability before propelling you forwards. In isolation this wobble may seem minimal. But if it happens each time your foot has to bear your bodyweight and propel you forward, very soon you will build up a lot of stress to be taken by structures not designed to withstand such pressure.

Any runner with a history of ankle sprain or a fracture who did not rehabilitate using a wobble board has a high risk of instability of that side, leading to decreased balance reactions on that side. This is an injury waiting to happen.
Test it out by standing on one foot for 30 seconds. Can you do it without holding on or falling over? If so, repeat with the eyes closed for 30 seconds. Most people take some time to perfect this. Then progress to the same exercise but on an unstable surface.

In summary, maintain your flexibility daily, prepare your body for what you plan to do, and if in doubt call Total Physio for help! Avail of 10% off physio or a running assessment once you have signed up for the Sandyford5k!

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