Core Matters

Jenny Branigan from Total Physio, opposite Sandyford Luas stop


Your core is the foundation of normal movement and refers to the deep abdominal muscles, gluteals or buttock muscles and low back muscles. A strong core helps increase your stability, increase power and maintain endurance on longer runs. By building up your core strength, you will improve your ability to run hills, sprint at the finish or just keep good form mile after mile.

Even for a short race like the Sandyford 5k, having strength through your abdominals, back and buttocks is important for preventing injury, and allowing easier development of running fitness.

Your core needs to be strong enough to support your moving limbs, so static planks are not enough. We recommend dynamic movements to build core strength, which you can do as part of a gym programme, by yourself at home or learn in a Pilates class.

In summary, maintain your flexibility daily, prepare your body for what you plan to do, and if in doubt call Total Physio for help! Avail of 10% off physio or a running assessment once you have signed up for the Sandyford5k!

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