How do you know if you are Injured?

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It is normal to feel muscular pain or stiffness after you train, but it should only last for up to 2 days after a training run. If your pain persists longer than 3 days, call us.

Most running injuries don’t erupt from nowhere. They produce signals such as aches, soreness, tightness or persistent pain. Don’t ignore these warning signs!

A persistent tightness can be a sign of injury. If tightness doesn’t loosen out despite stretching or foam rolling over a few days, we can help.

Never run through an injury. It will cause further damage. If you feel pain or tightness when you start to run, and it then eases during the run, only to return for the rest of the day once you stop, call us! This is an injury of a soft tissue structure such as a muscle, tendon or ligament, and needs to be assessed.

If you have a joint that swells after a run, call us! Even if it feels better by the time you run again, this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Pain felt during a run, after you stop, or the following morning, are signs that you need to speak to us here at Total Physio for advice.

A good rule of thumb is to take 3 days rest from running if you have pain or tightness that is persisting. If it returns or is still there when you run again, stop and call us at Total Physio for a chat! Avail of 10% off physio or a running assessment once you have signed up for the Sandyford5k!

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