Injury Proof your Running


Jenny Branigan from Total Physio, opposite Sandyford Luas stop

The Sandyford 5k is just 6 weeks away, so your training should be underway by now if you are new to running!

To stay injury free while running, keep in mind these top tips:

  • Warm up to prepare your body before you run, with dynamic stretches to move your joints and muscles through their full range.  Pick out 3 stretches to work on daily, to move your joints and muscles further and prepare your body for running. Static stretches at the end, with regular foam rolling helps to maintain muscle length.
  • Never run through an injury. It will cause further damage. It is normal to feel muscular pain or stiffness when you train, but it should only last for 1-2 days after a run. If pain persists longer than 3 days, call us here at Total Physio and we can advise you;
  • Keep your body flexible, especially after a long day sitting in the office. Take regular breaks from sitting, use the stairs instead of the lift, and go for a walk at lunchtime. Keep your foam roller handy and use it on your back, buttocks, and leg muscles.

In summary, maintain your flexibility daily, prepare your body for what you plan to do, and if in doubt call Total Physio for help! Avail of 10% off physio or a running assessment once you have signed up for the Sandyford5k!

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