Keep your Lower Back Mobile!

Jenny Branigan from Total Physio, opposite Sandyford Luas stop

The lower back can become stiff and tight in novice runners who spend a lot of their day sitting. We also naturally lose flexibility from the 4th decade onward.

We have an easy remedy!

  • Place 2 tennis balls or spiky massage balls under your spine as you lie on your back, with your knees bent up.  Roll your pelvis to allow the balls to work into your lower back muscles, to release any tension there. This is perfectly safe to do.

Work the tennis balls up towards your lower ribs, or down towards the buttock muscles and release any tender points you find. You may find it helpful to apply heat before you do this, to allow for a deeper self massage.

In summary, maintain your flexibility daily, prepare your body for what you plan to do, and if in doubt call Total Physio for help! Avail of 10% off physio or a running assessment once you have signed up for the Sandyford5k!

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